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In this tutorial I show you guys how I achieve simple korean looking hair / waves / curls with the 40mm Vodana Glam Curl Iron. You can also create this look with a smaller barrel by taking larger chunks of hair each time, and wrapping it for shorter time around the barrel!

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แบรนด์: VODANA - Glamwave Curling  Iron
แบรนด์: VODANA - Glamwave Curling  Iron
แบรนด์: VODANA - Glamwave Curling  Iron
แบรนด์: VODANA - Glamwave Curling  Iron
แบรนด์: VODANA - Glamwave Curling  Iron
แบรนด์: VODANA - Glamwave Curling  Iron

· Product : Vodana Glamwave Curling Iron · Manufacturer/Distributor : B.S. KOREA COMPANY · Origin : South Korea · Manufacturer : B. S. KOREA COMPANY · Manufacturer Address : 6-7 Galsan-ri, Wolgot-myeon, Gimpo-si Gyeonggi-do, South Korea · License : Safety Authentication No. HH07099-5007D · Uses : Hairstyling · Weight : 40mm-760g / 36mm-740g / 32mm-720g · Product Information : 1) Make thick, natural waves at home 2) A must have item for domestic beauty bloggers and youtubers 3) Precise temperature control 4) Use it just 10-15 seconds after powering it on 5) Increased shine and volume after use 6) Minimal hair damage 7) Product stand with silicone tubes attached 8) 360° rotating cord 9) 2m70cm of long cord 10) The first and largest domestic size 40mm 11) Special heating pad coating that gives shine and minimal damage 12) Decreased possibility of damage with analogue temperature control & separation of handle and heating plate & intuitive operations. · Directions : Brushing your hair before styling is a must for beauty waves! Please brush your hair prior to styling. Place your hair between the cover and heating plate and wait for 4seconds. When using the iron, it is recommended to hold the handle and cool tip without holding your hair. (Caution: Cool tip will be warm.) For the best result, please use small amount of hair using your middle finger and index finger. · Recommended Age : All (especially late 10's to mid-late 30's) · Effects : Thick, natural waves, Volumizing waves, Shine · Release Date : March, 2016 · Warranty : Quality Guarantee enclosed in the box · Storage Method : Turn on the iron and set it on the stand. Keep it away from flammable materials. Unplug the iron when not in use. Do not tie the cord tightly · Warnings : Do not twist or use physical force on cord wires. Heating plate on the curling iron is very hot. Please use caution. LED lamp will blink continuously once the iron reaches the set temeperature. Please be aware that it is not broken. Our curling iron will reach the set temperature in 20 seconds. Having the iron on for prolonged time may heat up the handle. Please turn off the iron when not in use. Results may vary depending on the hair type. Use higher temperature and faster curling motion for thinner hair. · Customer Service :

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